Stories matter, maybe more than ever. We all have our own story and are also part of larger stories. How often and how well those stories are told can make the difference between: positive image or negative image; profit or loss; trust or doubt; awareness or ignorance; and success or failure. The story behind our food and how it is grown, prepared and transported is now an essential addition to the traditional priorities of taste, price, and convenience. In a competitive marketplace, it may not be enough to just offer a delicious and affordable product. Consumers want all of that and more in stories that share authentic experiences, sustainability and clear attention to the principles that matter to them.

Idea Farming, Inc is a consulting company that works from farm to table, to help clients tell their stories. With an extensive background in global demand building from market strategies to public relations, Idea Farming is now based in the Farm To Fork Capitol of America, Sacramento. Working with associations, commodity boards, Government agencies, nonprofits, restaurants and start-ups, Idea Farming, Inc uses creative and aggressive tactics with traditional, digital and social media to help clients tell their stories.


  • Social Media Boot Camp. We offer packages that can get you started on the right foot to build your own social media network. Trained at Google, and with many successful nationwide campaigns ongoing, Idea Farming has the expertise to help you set up an overall strategy to build out content; select and navigate publishing platforms; community management; networking; and measurement.
  • Program Execution. If you don’t have your own in house team, we can help manage and build out your website, PR, influencer outreach and social media activities. Many companies know that they need a social media presence, but they don’t know where to begin or have the bandwidth to manage it successfully. We can help you manage and maintain a community while integrating other elements across all the platforms.
  • Strategic Planning. Often companies need an outside perspective to help them get back on track. Idea Farming can help with Stakeholder Interviews, Mission and Vision development, SWOT, Facilitated reviews, the establishment of Key Result Areas, Monitoring progress and Implementation consulting.
  • Grant Management and Applications. With several CDFA Block Grants under our belt, we know the ins and outs of the process and can help you successfully navigate, win and execute government grants.
  • Events and Programs. Idea Farming has managed trade shows, corporate strategy retreats, and Gala events up to 80,000 guests and can help to coordinate, plan and execute your own unique experience.
  • Government Affairs. With a home base of Sacramento, the Capitol of the 5th largest economy in the world, the nations leading food producer, and the leader of the world in the Farm to Fork movement, we can help to represent and monitor government issues for clients in food and agriculture.

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